in     by My School Assembly 08-10-2018

Primary schools play a significant role in EI development in kids.


According to experts, childhood is the best meltdown time to develop emotional strengths in children.


Primary schools are the best place to teach child about the life lessons like how to maintain strong feelings in all situation and how to stay calm at everywhere.  


Teachers can help children to handle anger, confusion and any kind of frustration on different topics.


Activities to teach the child: Teachers should design this kind of activity to teach your child about assertiveness. Encourage your child to do what is right when they see something wrong.


Activity 1: What do you do when you see someone being picked on?

·      Do you run away?

·      Do you help the person?

·      Do you go get an adult to help?


Activity 2: How to Set Goals?

·      Understand yourself.

·      What do you do well?

·      What do you enjoy doing?

·      What are the most important things in your life?


Activity 3:I Am...

Emotional self-awareness is the ability to recognise one’s feelings. For this a teacher can place an activity on the board in the classroom like- put their feelings about their selves in the blanks left. Some of the examples are:

I am most happy when ___________________________________________

I feel embarrassed when___________________________________________

I think negative thoughts about myself when_____________________________


These activities will make the child emotionally strong and creates a childhood atmosphere to overcome with the solutions and also they will find easy to express their emotions.


An activity for parents also:

Analysis your child what he feels and instantly work on it

Notice your child when he somewhere says how he “feels”, repeat it to him that what he's shared recently, hopefully it is nothing for us. But it has a strong emotional feeling buried inside your child.

·      Just ask him about what is going on?

·       Do agree with his statement and tell him what you also felt.

·       Make a perfect example according to his feelings that will regain his previous energy.


It will help them to understand that everyone has feeling and everyone has to pass through.